Customer Reviews

A big thank you to all the PDIs and ADIs who offered their kind comments. Here are a few of them...

Always great to see Phil and his delivery is always friendly and easy to understand. He installs confidence in your own abilities and makes all the information simple.

7 months ago

An excellent days training with Phil. As an an ADI of 17 years, it was great to keep up to date with the current standards check and be prepared not only for that (when the dreaded letter/email/engagement call arrives), but to reevaluate my own teaching skills to ensure I give my clients the best possible lesson experience.

At the end of the day, I’d achieved all my goals and keen to get back in the passenger seat with my clients and teach!

Thanks Phil

Highly recommended.

Steve White
12 months ago

I passed my Part three test first time, thanks Phil. I’m glad I chose you as my trainer. I hear so many horror stories out there. Glad I was in safe hands.

Nicola Crebbin – ADI Harrogate
1 year ago

Thanks Phil for your help with my Standards Check. Grade A – I’m in shock!

Dennis Kent – ADI Harrogate
2 years ago

Thank you for all the help with my Standards Check. Your help made all the difference. You’re good at understanding and helping.

Paul Mason – ADI Stalybridge
2 years ago

Thank you so much for helping me with my Standards Check. I got a grade A.

Gerensie – ADI Leeds
2 years ago

I first contacted Phil at the end of last summer, after he was recommended by a member of my family who had worked in the industry for many years and knew Phil well. From the moment I first spoke with Phil, I felt like I was in a safe pair of hands on my journey to becoming a driving instructor. He was honest and clear about what to expect over the following months, and told me what support he would give me through all three parts of this process, as well as being straightforward about what it would require of me to make a go of it. Less than 12 months on, and I am a fully qualified ADI, earning a decent living doing something I absolutely love! Phil, for his part, was a man of his word, and delivered on every aspect of the support he said he would, from beginning to end and beyond.

‘Phil’s knowledge and easy nature have made what was an often challenging process more manageable, and he instilled confidence - but not cockiness - in me at every stage. Obviously, I paid Phil for his services, but I don’t think I can ever truly repay him for all that he has done for me this past year - I took the decision to try something new, and Phil’s zeal for the industry and positive attitude generally, helped make it all a reality for me, and I know he is always there should I need his help again (and I will!)

‘An amazing coach and a thoroughly decent chap! Thanks Phil.’

Daniel McLoughlin – ADI Leeds
2 years ago

Just a quick message to say a big “thank you” for all the support over the years, Phil. My last day on Thursday.

John Sheridan – DVSA (Driver Training Policy Manager)
2 years ago

I passed my ADI part 3 with a grade B. Thank you for your help. The examiner advised me to keep seeing you.

Muhammad Rasheed – ADI (Bradford)
2 years ago

Hi Phil, I passed my Standards Check with 39/51 (grade B). Thanks for all the help, it really made it work.

Mabz Hussain – ADI (Bradford)
2 years ago

I got a grade A on my Standards Check and my daughter got a B. Thank you so much for your help.

Steve Horsman – ADI (Colne)
2 years ago

I did it! I scored 47/51 (Grade A) on my part 3 test, first time. You have been such a great trainer. I feel privileged to have entered this industry with your professional support.

Corinne Dickson – ADI (Harrogate)
2 years ago

Hi Phil, I passed my ADI part 3 test first time with a high, grade B today. Thank you so much for all your amazing training.

Naomi McGregor – ADI (Harrogate)
2 years ago

Hi Phil, I just wanted to thank you again for the training on our 4-day, ADI Trainer course. I really got a lot from it.

Steve Howell – ADI Trainer (Wirral)
2 years ago

Hi Phil, I passed my part 3 today. I want to thank you for all the help you have given me in the past couple of years.

Dhiraj – ADI (Leeds)
3 years ago

Hi Phil, I passed my Standards Check today. Thankyou so much for the lesson – it helped me loads!

Mohammed Khalil
ADI, Bradford
3 years ago

Hi Phil, my wife, Mursal, passed her part 3 test with a score of 42/51 today. Thanks a lot for your help and cooperation.

Mohammed Anwar
ADI, Leeds
3 years ago

Hi Phil, I passed my part 3 test with a score of 39/51 today, thank you, I’m so happy! Thank you for all your help, you are a top trainer for a reason.

ADI, Leeds
3 years ago

Mr Hirst is a highly skilled trainer and a very professional gentleman. I would not hesitate to recommend his teachings and all of his instructor training books. 5 stars from me!

Aneeqa Kadoose
PDI, Wakefield
3 years ago

Hello Phil, just a quick email to say how happy I am with the training resources I purchased from you. I find the ATS very useful to get a quick overview of how I should teach and remind me of procedures.

John Hoyle
3 years ago

Phil, I just wanted to say a personal thank you for your delivery of the ORDIT Masterclass on Friday morning via the ADINJC. It was £25 and 2 hours very well spent supported by some very clear and concise slides.

I did do a webinar in lockdown on ORDIT- not a patch on Friday and £195 for the privilege!

Cathi Lees
ADI, Barnsley
3 years ago

I experienced a very challenging but rewarding four days of instructor training with Phil and highly recommend the experience for anyone considering developing as an ADI.
The content and timetable was very structured and clearly and intelligently presented. I found this is an easy way for me to learn and reinforce new and familiar material.

After the second day, I found that I needed to 'press through' the challenge that I needed to 'up my game' in my instructing and sensed a 'wobble' in my emotions and outlook of the training. That evening, I realised this was why I was doing the course: to be developed and gain new skills.

Phil was very supportive throughout and particularly at this point. Indeed, the whole syllabus was tailored and delivered around my self-learning and with consideration to my pace of understanding.

Every question I asked was fully answered and I was able to repeat practices as often as I thought I needed to. Phil was very engaging and approachable, professional, knowledgeable, and very experienced.

Feeling I benefited to the extent that I left the course inspired and encouraged, I have planned to attend further development. I also plan to use the driving school business development that Phil's wife (Helen) provides.

Jedidiah Benaviharuchot
Alyth, Scotland
3 years ago

Well I’m now a fully qualified approved driving instructor.
Massive thanks to Phil for his industry-leading ADI training.

5 star!

Joe Wharton
ADI, Learn Driving UK - Harrogate
3 years ago

Hi Phil, just ordered a part 3 training workbook, been having look through with my trainer and I’m very impressed so decided to get my own copy. A quick delivery would be great as I’ve got my part 3 on 7th December

Craig Jones
3 years ago

Just wanted to say a big thanks Phil for the last four days on the Train the Trainer course (ORDIT). It has been fantastic, tiring, but buzzing, and has further ignited the passion for what I’m doing. This is an absolute must for anyone like me, who has become an independent school and is looking to train budding instructors and develop their school. So well structured, hugely informative, personally challenging and certainly sending this owner home with a fire in his belly to coach and instruct at the highest level.

I now know what it takes to become an ADI Trainer and give my PDIs the best chance to succeed in the industry and teach their students in the best fashion possible. Not only this, but Phil was genuinely supportive and a great sounding board on how to grow my school. This is an absolute must! Thanks Phil

Jeremy Neaves
Driving Instructor & Owner,
4 years ago

Phil Hirst’s training guides are excellent. All my trainee instructors use the Part 1, Part 2 and Part 3 guides, as well as the ATS. They are great quality, good value for money, informative and simple to follow. I’d highly recommend these guides. 5 Star!

Ann-Marie Winterburn
Spot-On Driving School, Knutsford
4 years ago

I have used Phil’s Training Books for all of my PDIs and also give them one of his visual training books (ATS) so they can teach their pupils and they love them. Only one thing, when my ADIs pop in for a coffee and see them they say they look so professional I end up getting them one as well. Thankyou Phil, your books are such a good training tool and thank you for your support.

Karen Jones
K.S.Driving School, Shrewsbury
4 years ago
  • Excellent and very informative.
  • Thanks for organising this. Phil’s great. Really looking forward to his training session now.
  • Thanks for using a lot of practical examples, which helps.
  • Really relevant with some good reminders on planning.
  • Phil’s enthusiasm and expertise shone through. Time management was great.
ADI Group Wrexham
4 years ago

Phil, I did it, I bloody passed my part 3 test. Thank you.

Sandra Whaley
4 years ago

I passed my ORDIT assessment first time! I am very happy. I could not have achieved this without the excellent training I had with you. Thank you so much.

Ann-Marie Winterburn
4 years ago

Passed my SC today Phil. I will definitely be in touch before the next one. Thanks for your help, I will certainly recommend you.

Jeremy Syms
4 years ago

Hi Phil, I passed my ORDIT assessment with 48/51 today. Thanks for all your help and support. It was great to be your trainee.

Sami Ullah
4 years ago

Phil, I passed my Standards Check (42/51). Thank you so much for your excellent training.

4 years ago

I passed my SC!. Thanks so much for all your help, Phil

Shabana Majid
4 years ago

Hi Phil, I passed my SC thank God! Thanks for all your help. I will be recommending you to other ADIs.

Ansar Ahmed
4 years ago

Phil thank you so much for your help and support, it really helped me. I passed my Standards Check today – one mark from an “A”. Gutted!

Fozia Moosa
4 years ago

Thank you for all the help with my Standards Check Phil. “A” grade today!

Iain Nutter
4 years ago

Hi Phil, I just passed my Standards Check. Thank you so much – a heavy weight is gone from my shoulders!

5 years ago

Hi, I passed my Standards Check. Thanks for all the help. Couldn’t have done it without you. Much appreciated!

Wajid Hussain
5 years ago

Hi Phil, thanks so much for your help in preparing me for my driving assessment for becoming a driving examiner, which I passed.

Rehana Kauser
5 years ago

Hi Phil, just wanted to say thanks so much for your training in recent years but more importantly, training for my ORDIT assessment.
I have just got 46/51 (so pleased). The examiner loved it and strangely enough, so did I. You are genuine, real and extremely knowledgeable. You have played a big part in my journey.

Mike Yeardsley-Jones
5 years ago

Hi Phil, thanks for the ORDIT preparation training on Tuesday – I feel both reassured and inspired. Very worthwhile!

Daren Haller
5 years ago

i did the train the trainer course with Phil a couple of years ago. Phil's training is very structured and backed up with the training books that he has written.I am now training my own instructors and am growing my business. I also do regular top up training to keep my skills up to date. Thanks Phil

Paul Bentley
5 years ago

Phil is the main man for Instructor training .

Ive used Phil on numerous occasions since asking for help when I'd failed the old part 3 years ago .

Even though phil is based im harrogate , ive always travelled there as his knowledge & interpretation of the driving instructor is first class .

His adi courses which he runs are very professionally & very knowledgeable .

Id always and have recommended phil to other adis.

Andy Wharton
5 years ago

I must have been down to see Phil 3/4 times now for different types of training. I have completed the train the trainer course and standards check training as well as attending CPD courses run by Phil in York. He is one of the most knowledgeable people I have come across in this industry and has a passion for helping others to achieve their goals. Every time I have attended training with Phil not only has his professionalism been to the highest standard, but the training has also been fun and easy to understand. The high quality of his packages are second to none and so easy to understand.
I would recommend Phil to anyone who is considering either starting a career as a driving instructor or current ADIs who would like to further their own career.

Adrian Daniels
5 years ago

I found Phil to be a first class instructor trainer. I found the training to be very structured and thorough. I feel I have been able to learn so much from him, which will in turn, help me to teach my pupils to a high standard. Thanks again Phil!

Chris Brogden
5 years ago

Hi Phil, I passed my part 3 today with grade A (46/51). Thanks very much for all your help.

5 years ago

I’ve passed my part 3 test – 37/51! Thank you for all your help, it was very useful.

Mosa Suleiman
5 years ago

Hi Phil, thanks for all your help with my Standards Check. I got a grade A!

Nadim Younis
5 years ago

Sunam Rizwan
5 years ago

Hi Phil, I passed my Standards Check today and achieved a grade A. Thank you very much sir.

5 years ago

Thanks Phil, for your help today. I’m feeling more confident regarding my upcoming Standards Check. I will recommend you to other ADIs – 5 Star!

David Buckley
5 years ago

Hi Phil, thanks for your Standards Check help. I got 39 (high B). Thanks once again?

Chris Booth
5 years ago

Hi Phil, I passed my ORDIT assessment today (grade A). Thanks once again for all your help.

Jon Shaw
5 years ago

Thanks Phil, for excellent Standards Check training – I passed! You are a great trainer. You explained and taught things in a relaxed, calm way, were very reassuring with me and made me feel confident in my abilities. With each lesson I grew more confident. I can’t thank you enough and I would highly recommend you.

Mariusz Charczuk
5 years ago

Hi Phil, I got a B on my Standards Check. Thank you so very, very much. I will be needing your help still please as I have a lot to improve on!

Vicki Tunnicliffe
5 years ago

Hi Phil, thank you for your words of confidence – it meant a lot when you contacted me. I passed my Standards Check.

5 years ago

Hi Phil, just like to thank you very much for your help and guidance. I passed the Standards Check. Those two sessions were really beneficial.

Naveed Ahmed
5 years ago

I passed my ADI part 2 today with 0 faults thanks to you Phil! The examiner asked me who trained me. She had a big smile on her face when I told her – you’re well thought of!

Sandra Whaley
5 years ago

Hello Phil, I passed my ORDIT assessment. Thankyou for all your help. She was impressed with the books and loved the training records. I will be in touch to keep up with my training and maintain a good standard.

Amrha Saeed
5 years ago

Hi Phil, I thoroughly enjoyed your one-day ORDIT training day on 5th February. Great to meet you and other like-minded trainers.

Stewart Lochrie
5 years ago

Thank you for your help Phil as I passed my Part 3 Standards Check with 38/51 today first time. You are a star trainer, very experienced and professional.

Wajid Mahmood
5 years ago

I met Danny before deciding to start the training to become a driving instructor and we talked through the options and what could be achieved once qualified.

I felt no pressure from Danny about whether to go through with the training, but he went through all the questions I had about it to make sure I was making the right decision for myself.

Once training started, I was provided with all the resources I needed to work through the theory side. I was able to work through this at my own pace and Danny was available to discuss anything I needed further information on.

Danny's feedback was constructive and positive when doing the in-car training. I had picked up some bad habits myself since I started driving over 10 years before so appreciated the tips he gave me to get back into the better habits of driving and I was able to pass my part two test first time with only two faults.

When doing the final stage of instructor training Danny made sure we both knew the plan of each lesson and what and how we were both going to tackle the topic to ensure I fully understood what was expected of me once qualified. Danny made sessions fun and interesting. He supported me through every step, I'll be honest, it is a difficult qualification and at times I thought I was not made for it, but he made me see that I could do well and brought out my best. I never felt like anything was too much trouble and never feared asking a "stupid" question. I qualified relatively quickly and have not looked back.

This qualification has enabled me to work my own hours, have the flexibility to have more time with my dogs and husband and the pay is good too. I really enjoy teaching people to drive as it makes such a difference to them. I now work with LDUK and enjoy my independence whilst having the backing and support of the LDUK team.

Jen Addison
5 years ago

Ten years ago today I passed my part 3 ADI exam, the years have flown by.

Thanks to the brilliant training from Phil Hirst on the Train the Trainer course last week, I am now ready to embark on the next 10 years training driving instructors as well as learner drivers.

Phil is so relaxed with his teaching methods, that I didn’t realise how hard I was being worked till the Wednesday evening. I needed a nap for an hour before Dinner. I have learnt so many new skills and techniques to put into practice, not just for use with training Driving Instructors but also with my learner drivers.

I thoroughly enjoyed my week in Harrogate, in the company of Phil. I would highly recommend it.

Thank you Phil for your patience and expertise, great value. Not forgetting you also got me to the airport on time for my flight, for a very important appointment. (Daughter’s wedding).

Best wishes Stuart

Stuart Falconer
5 years ago

Hi Phil, thank you for the mock standards check we did. It helped me as I passed with a grade A today.

Aishia (Wakefield)
5 years ago

Cheers Phil, just got a grade A. You got me to think about a few things. Glad I had a few sessions with you.

Leon Majidzadeh (Bradford)
6 years ago

Hi Phil, I passed my SC with a high B. Thanks for all your contributions in adding valuable skills to my teaching. I learned a lot from this experience.

Micheal Alkour (Wakefield)
6 years ago

I’ve passed my part 3 standards check. Thanks for your help Phil.

Sam Cox (Harrogate)
6 years ago

I passed with a high B grade. Thanks a lot for your help Phil.

Ian McGilligan (York)
6 years ago

Hi Phil, thankyou for all your help. I passed with 42/51. I couldn’t have done it without you!

Claire Oxley (Skipton)
6 years ago

I have just returned from a four day visit to Phil Hirst, having attended his 'Train The Trainer Course'.

What an absolute pleasure it was to meet Phil. I'd heard lots of good things about this guy and I'm not exaggerating when I say it's fully justified! Having first met Phil at The Driving Instructor Show earlier this year, I was adamant I was attending this course and wasn't too put off by the wait. Phil's very much in demand in it's easy to see why!

It would be much easier to talk about what this course doesn't cover because off the top of my head, I can't think of anything! If you're interested in becoming an Instructor Trainer and need some structure and endless advice on how to do it well, you will be hard pressed to find anything to beat this course! It covers the lot, from how to market yourself, making initial contact with PDI's, right through to the essential qualities to being a good Instructor Trainer.

Although this was a four day course, the time seemed to fly by which was odd, bearing in mind the amount of content being covered. This is mainly down to Phil's affable personality. It was an absolute pleasure to be in his company.

I've come away from this course with so much additional knowledge and can't wait to get cracking. I would have no hesitation in recommending this course to anyone considering dipping their toe into delivering Driving Instructor Training. You won't be disappointed!

Jon Shaw-Nottingham
6 years ago

Hi Phil, would like to say a big thank you for the Standards Check Workshop. I managed to get grade A, 47/51. Thanks for your help.

Tony Wilson (Pontefract)
6 years ago

Hi Phil, thank you for your help prior to my Standards Check. I got a grade B. I am happy with the feedback and remarks from the examiner.

Ghulam (Leeds)
6 years ago

Oh my God! I passed my part 3 Standards Check with 38/51. Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!

Sumayya (Heckmondwike)
6 years ago

Hi Phil, to let you know I passed my first Standards Check with a decent grade B. I feel quite positive about the outcome and the debrief was very helpful.

Jonathan Stockdale (Skipton)
6 years ago

Hi Phil, I achieved a grade A on my Standards Check. Thanks for your help.

Surinder Singh (Leeds)
6 years ago

Morning Phil, I got an A on Friday with 45 points – I’m chuffed!

Sara Abbott (Harrogate)
6 years ago

Hi Phil, just to let you know I passed my SC this morning with 50/51! Can’t believe it’s 2 years since I came on your course.

Mark Stanley ADI
6 years ago

Hello Phil, pleased to say I passed the SC, I scored 38. Thanks again for your help.

David Hawley (Wakefield)
6 years ago

Hi Phil, had my SC today. 45/51 got an A. Thank you so much for your help. Couldn’t have done it without you.

Tahir Rashid (Bradford)
6 years ago

Thank you for doing the one-day Standards Check course for our group in Pontefract. I got 47/51 today!

Andy Hinchcliff (Pontefract)
6 years ago

Hi Phil, took my SC yesterday and got an A. Your help and Ged and Claire’s book worked their special kind of magic.

John Thomas (Telford)
6 years ago

Hi Phil, got a grade A on my part 3 Standards Check. Thank you very much, it’s all because of you and Anthony. I really appreciate your kindness and help. Thanks once again.

Farhan (Leeds)
6 years ago

A massive thank you Phil for your valued support and advice as I got a grade A from the examiner.

Sukhdev Kumar (Leeds)
6 years ago

Hi Phil, just want to say thanks for giving me a boot up the butt and get myself in gear, it was just what I needed. I passed my Standards Check today with a grade A. Thanks again!

Helen Middleton (Leeds)
6 years ago

I got a grade B! Thank you so much for all your help. I definitely would have failed without you. I am over-instructing as you said. Thank you so much.

Natalie Harling (Leeds)
6 years ago

Hi Phil, I’m so happy I passed my SC. You have been a big help and given me some good points to learn and brush up on.

Craig Wilson (Leeds)
6 years ago

Finally got my SC done today with a grade A no less – 50/51! Thank you so much for the quality training. I absolutely know I couldn’t have done it without that.

Lizzie (Knaresborough)
6 years ago

Hi Phil, thanks for all your help. I took my SC today and passed. Got 50/51! Grade A.

Carol Cocker (Leeds)
6 years ago

Hi Phil, wanted to let you know I passed my SC with a grade B. Thank you for your help - it was very useful.

Maria Flynn (Leeds)
6 years ago

Hi Phil, I got 39 today (a high B grade). Thanks so much for all your help. You’re a star!

Jeff Hood (Harrogate)
6 years ago

Hi My name is Andy Stosik. I am ADI and owner of the small driving school operating in London and Essex. My problem is recruitment of the new instructors, which throughout last two years was a very difficult task. At some point I came to the conclusion that signing up on ADI train the trainer course with Phil Hirst will be the right decision.

I took a 4 day course on 1 to 1 basis. The course is extremely well structured and covering all aspects which future trainer needs to know.
At the start there is a lot to take, but Phil put me at ease and
I enjoyed every minute of it.
Mixture of different practical exercises and theory gave me a very good look into, how ADI Trainer job looks like.

Phil is one of the leading Trainers across the country and I am very happy that I could benefit from his expertise in this field.

Apart from that he is very friendly and gave me all support which I needed throughout this course, so that I could benefit the most from it.

I can recommend Phil's courses with full confidence to any ADI, who is considering to become an ADI Trainer.

Money well spent and 4 hours journey to Harrogate wasn't an issue.

Thank you Phil

Andy Stosik
8 years ago

Having read reviews of Phil's 'Train the Trainer' course, and keen to enhance my own development, I booked myself in on a four day 1:1 course.

With the course now complete I can see why it's so popular. Phil makes you at ease from the outset and outlines what will be covered over the duration of the course.

Each step is explained at your pace and you are guided through the course material, with any questions clearly answered, using his wealth of experience in the industry. By the end I was even enjoying the role play.

I now feel confident that I will be able to go out and train my own PDIs if I want to develop my own multi-car school, or help others qualify to join the industry. But that's not all, I can also use some of the techniques with my learners too.

If I want any further training to refresh these skills I'll be straight on the phone to Phil to see when he can fit me back in.

I would have no hesitation in recommending the course. Just remember they do get booked up and you need to plan ahead, 8 months in my case!

Peter Bellamy
8 years ago

I would like to thank you Phil for the excellent course i attended in june,It was a long way to come from cornwall, but your course was worth every penny and every mile travelled,It was extremely well presented,well organized and informative,i was put at ease from the very first day by Phil`s relaxed and positive teaching style,I look forward to returning for a refresher course next year. Thanks again Phil, Regards Stuart Holloway

Stuart Holloway
9 years ago