Standards Check (SC) Preparation

See how we can help you prepare for your Standards Check and what our previous client ADIs thought to their training.

In April 2014, DVSA implemented a new assessment of ADIs to check their ability to give instruction. The Check Test, which had been around for 25 years, was replaced by the Standards Check. The criteria by which instructors were to be assessed would be aligned closely with the National Standards for Driver and Rider Training (NSDRT). Role 6 of the National Standards explains the knowledge, skills and understanding that ADIs and their Trainers must demonstrate to be effective in their role.

In December 2017, the final qualifying test for potential instructors (Part Three) was also aligned with the Standards Check and the same assessment criteria would now be used industry-wide.

Standards Check - Support and Preparation for PDIs and ADIs

I provide training to help instructors prepare for their Standards Check in five ways:

  • One-to-one, in-car training. Usually a review of the instructor’s previous SC is followed by a discussion on the plan for the upcoming SC. A mixture of role play training and demonstration on-the-move, allows for an assessment of your teaching ability and written feedback.
  • Alternatively, watching the instructor deliver a one-hour driving lesson to a student driver is followed by feedback on performance and recommendations going forward
  • A cost effective way of learning, not just from me but from other ADIs, is to attend a one-day, Standards Check group training event in North Yorkshire. A morning of theory and roleplay exercises is followed by an afternoon in-car putting the theory in to practice. (See Events)
  • I also travel by prior arrangement to deliver one-day Standards Check training days for large groups and associations
  • Last, but not least, for those who cannot travel and would benefit from a client-centred lesson presenter that is aligned to Standards Check requirements, take a look at the Complete ADI Teaching System for the Standards Check (see Shop)

See the Customer Reviews section for client feedback of their SC training experience and outcomes.

To book Standards Check training, call me on 07711 238555 or email

standards check preparation

  • Individual training/preparation plan

  • Feedback report on your teaching ability

  • Group training days – theory & practical

  • Improved knowledge, more confidence!

  • Read our Customer Reviews

standards check

Customer Reviews

I have had the privilege to be able to help hundreds of learner drivers and potential and qualified driving instructors over the years. The hard work and dedication they have shown in pursuit of their goals never fails to amaze me.

To all my previous clients, a massive thank you for investing emotionally, mentally, physically and financially with me to help you achieve your dream.

Here is a small selection of customer reviews I have received more recently:

Morning Phil, I got an A on Friday with 45 points – I’m chuffed!

Sara Abbott (Harrogate)

Hi Phil, just want to say thanks for giving me a boot up the butt and get myself in gear, it was just what I needed. I passed my Standards Check today with a grade A. Thanks again!

Helen Middleton (Leeds)

Hi Phil, wanted to let you know I passed my SC with a grade B. Thank you for your help - it was very useful.

Maria Flynn (Leeds)

I got a grade B! Thank you so much for all your help. I definitely would have failed without you. I am over-instructing as you said. Thank you so much.

Natalie Harling (Leeds)

A massive thank you Phil for your valued support and advice as I got a grade A from the examiner.

Sukhdev Kumar (Leeds)

Finally got my SC done today with a grade A no less – 50/51! Thank you so much for the quality training. I absolutely know I couldn’t have done it without that.

Lizzie (Knaresborough)

Hi Phil, thanks for all your help. I took my SC today and passed. Got 50/51! Grade A.

Carol Cocker (Leeds)

Hi Phil, I got 39 today (a high B grade). Thanks so much for all your help. You’re a star!

Jeff Hood (Harrogate)

Thank you for doing the one-day Standards Check course for our group in Pontefract. I got 47/51 today!

Andy Hinchcliff (Pontefract)

Hi Phil, took my SC yesterday and got an A. Your help and Ged and Claire’s book worked their special kind of magic.

John Thomas (Telford)

Hello Phil, pleased to say I passed the SC, I scored 38. Thanks again for your help.

David Hawley (Wakefield)

Hi Phil, had my SC today. 45/51 got an A. Thank you so much for your help. Couldn’t have done it without you.

Tahir Rashid (Bradford)

Hi Phil, I’m so happy I passed my SC. You have been a big help and given me some good points to learn and brush up on.

Craig Wilson (Leeds)

Hi Phil, got a grade A on my part 3 Standards Check. Thank you very much, it’s all because of you and Anthony. I really appreciate your kindness and help. Thanks once again.

Farhan (Leeds)

Hi Phil, would like to say a big thank you for the Standards Check Workshop. I managed to get grade A, 47/51. Thanks for your help.

Tony Wilson (Pontefract)

Hi Phil, thank you for your help prior to my Standards Check. I got a grade B. I am happy with the feedback and remarks from the examiner.

Ghulam (Leeds)

Oh my God! I passed my part 3 Standards Check with 38/51. Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!

Sumayya (Heckmondwike)

Hi Phil, to let you know I passed my first Standards Check with a decent grade B. I feel quite positive about the outcome and the debrief was very helpful.

Jonathan Stockdale (Skipton)

Hi Phil, I achieved a grade A on my Standards Check. Thanks for your help.

Surinder Singh (Leeds)

I passed with a high B grade. Thanks a lot for your help Phil.

Ian McGilligan (York)

Hi Phil, thankyou for all your help. I passed with 42/51. I couldn’t have done it without you!

Claire Oxley (Skipton)

Hi Phil, just to let you know I passed my SC this morning with 50/51! Can’t believe it’s 2 years since I came on your course.

Mark Stanley ADI

I’ve passed my part 3 standards check. Thanks for your help Phil.

Sam Cox (Harrogate)

Hi Phil, I passed my SC with a high B. Thanks for all your contributions in adding valuable skills to my teaching. I learned a lot from this experience.

Micheal Alkour (Wakefield)

Cheers Phil, just got a grade A. You got me to think about a few things. Glad I had a few sessions with you.

Leon Majidzadeh (Bradford)

Hi Phil, thank you for the mock standards check we did. It helped me as I passed with a grade A today.

Aishia (Wakefield)

Thank you for your help Phil as I passed my Part 3 Standards Check with 38/51 today first time. You are a star trainer, very experienced and professional.

Wajid Mahmood

Hi Phil, just like to thank you very much for your help and guidance. I passed the Standards Check. Those two sessions were really beneficial.

Naveed Ahmed

Hi Phil, thank you for your words of confidence – it meant a lot when you contacted me. I passed my Standards Check.


Hi Phil, I got a B on my Standards Check. Thank you so very, very much. I will be needing your help still please as I have a lot to improve on!

Vicki Tunnicliffe

Thanks Phil, for excellent Standards Check training – I passed! You are a great trainer. You explained and taught things in a relaxed, calm way, were very reassuring with me and made me feel confident in my abilities. With each lesson I grew more confident. I can’t thank you enough and I would highly recommend you.

Mariusz Charczuk

Thanks Phil, for your help today. I’m feeling more confident regarding my upcoming Standards Check. I will recommend you to other ADIs – 5 Star!

David Buckley

Hi Phil, thanks for your Standards Check help. I got 39 (high B). Thanks once again😊

Chris Booth

Hi Phil, thanks for all your help with my Standards Check. I got a grade A!

Nadim Younis

Hi Phil, I passed my Standards Check today and achieved a grade A. Thank you very much sir.


Hi, I passed my Standards Check. Thanks for all the help. Couldn’t have done it without you. Much appreciated!

Wajid Hussain

Hi Phil, I just passed my Standards Check. Thank you so much – a heavy weight is gone from my shoulders!