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Become a Driving Instructor with Learn Driving UK in Leeds

Our driving instructor training course in Leeds can be carried out on a part-time basis over a 5 to 9-month period. Learn Driving UK, led by Principal ORDIT Driving Instructor Trainer, Phil Hirst, will guide you through the process step-by-step.

Once you have completed the part 1 theory test, (which we can provide an online e-learning course for you to follow, or a Study Guide) we prepare you to take the part 2 advanced driving test in Horsforth, Leeds. All practical training (driving and instructing) is taken in our vehicle on a 1:1 basis and is based in Horsforth, so that you become familiar with the area.

After the driving test, you gain teaching skills prior to teaching learner drivers to give you real life experience on the road. The part 3 instructing test completes the qualifying process after which you will be a fully qualified driving instructor working with Learn Driving UK in Leeds.

There are no hidden costs with Learn Driving UK

We guarantee you a position as a Driving Instructor in Leeds with Learn Driving UK once qualified. You will benefit from full support, and personal development when you really need it – during training and in your first year or two as an instructor. Go to our ‘Qualifying as a Driving Instructor’ Page for more information.

What is ORDIT?

ORDIT is the Official Register of Driving Instructor Training. It is administered by DVSA. DVSA is trying to raise the standards of driving instructor training and will only approve training from ORDIT trainers and organisations.

Not all driving instructor trainers are ORDIT-registered. They do not have to be as the ORDIT register is voluntary not mandatory, at present.

Why should you choose to train with an ORDIT-registered trainer?

To become ORDIT-registered, a trainer must:

  • Sign to agree to be bound by the ORDIT Code of Practice covering the advertising and selling of instructor training services and customer care
  • Have their training delivery assessed on a regular basis by DVSA and reach an extremely high standard
  • Submit training logs and records for inspection
  • Pay for this service (which is a voluntary scheme, at present)
  • DVSA only recommend and promote trainers on the ORDIT register

Am I an ORDIT-registered trainer?

Yes! I have been on the ORDIT register since its inception in 1998

What Attracts People to Become Driving Instructors?

Freedom – Job Satisfaction – Diary Control – Teach a Life Skill – Work/Life Balance

Most people that come into the driver trainer industry are looking for a lifestyle change. They may have become disillusioned with their current job and would like to take more control of their lives and choose the days and hours they work.

It could be that they are looking for a job that is more rewarding and will give a high level of personal and professional satisfaction. This could be you!

It could be that they are at a time of life where they are looking for a fresh start, a different career, a new challenge and to spend more time with their family.

The huge attraction is that with some personal motivation and quality training, almost anyone can do this job.

So, what exactly are the benefits of becoming a Driving Instructor?

  • You get to choose the days you work.
  • You get to choose your start and finish times.
  • You are free to work the hours that suit your needs.
  • You will be your own boss and you will be working for yourself, with the backing of a well-established driving school behind you.
  • Training someone to pass their driving test, an important life skill, is one of the most rewarding things you can do.
  • You can take holidays whenever you choose and won’t have to request permission.
  • A brand-new car of your choice (every year if you like).
  • Use of the car for work and pleasure.
  • Your car and all its running costs will be paid for by your customers.
  • Significant tax advantages are evident as a self-employed person.
  • With Learn Driving UK, though self-employed, you can work as part of a team and receive regular professional development.

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