ADI Train the Trainer Course

Becoming an effective and successful ADI Trainer takes time and investment in training as was the case when you qualified to be an ADI. It can be a logical career step upwards without risking your present income and business.

Developing an ADI Trainer business alongside your driving school allows you to train your own instructors from the start. The job offers variety, increased income, better working hours and tremendous job satisfaction. It can be the passport to a better, more diverse business.

I have been training ADIs for 25 years. More than 95% of potential instructors (PDIs) who have carried out a full course with me have qualified. I have been putting my skills and experience into training qualified ADIs to become ADI Trainers since 2002. All previous Trainer courses (well over 200 of them) have proved to be very successful; many ADI Trainers are now training PDIs for the ADI qualifying exam and many of them have passed the ORDIT Inspection.

The course is run in Harrogate on a 1:1 or 2:1 Trainee/Trainer ratio and lasts 24 hours 1:1 and 30 hours 2:1, spread over 4 or 5 days. It may be possible to spread the course over a few weeks if taking 4 or 5 continuous days out of your work schedule is too much.

The cost of the course is £1295 on a 1:1 basis and £795 each when booking a 2:1 course. It includes a copy of the updated ADI Trainer Handbook and each of the Phil Hirst training workbooks for Parts 1, 2 and 3. They are essential elements of the course and will help provide continuity when you return to develop your own business.

Bed and breakfast accommodation can be booked at a subsidised rate by contacting Leigh Richardson at the Franklin Hotel, Harrogate on 07801 414413 and offer some very good deals.

If you require any further information, don’t hesitate to call me on 07711 238555 or email

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  • 4-day, one-to-one training course

  • Training resources included (parts 1, 2 and 3)

  • Grow your driving school

  • Become an effective ADI Trainer

  • Read our Customer Reviews

Becoming an Effective ADI Trainer


To operate a thriving instructor training business you need a quality product and preparatory training. I have developed a business system and training resources which can be used by any ADI with the drive and ambition to diversify their business and further their careers.

The system is in place and working well. It is now being marketed more widely and provides you with the opportunity to capture some of the people who start a career in driving instruction.

The Market

Each year thousands of people start an ADI training course. If you attract a few potential driving instructors per year (each paying between £2500 and £4000) that would be a considerable increase in turnover without distracting you too much from your driving school business.

The market for ADI trainers can be summarised as:

  • Part-time training courses for PDIs (parts 1, 2 and 3)
  • Standards Check training for ADIs
  • CPD training (driver and instructor skills upgrades)
  • Expanding your own driving school

The Opportunity!

You have the opportunity to operate your own, independent (no franchise) driving instructor training business. The business can run alongside and complement your existing driving school. I will provide a Training Support Pack (five books). So that you can operate as an ADI Trainer immediately after completing the ADI Train the Trainer course, you will receive a copy of, and a detailed briefing on each of the following:

  • ADI Trainer Handbook. A step-by-step guide covering all you need to know to run a successful ADI course and build a driving school.
  • Part 1 Study Guide. This guide leads PDIs through DVSA-recommended books subject-by-subject. It makes Part 1 home study easier by providing a structured programme to follow and includes hazard perception training. There are over 500 self-assessment questions. After studying a theme in the DVSA resources, a self-assessment test monitors the PDI’s knowledge retention and validates learning.
  • Part 2 Driving Workbook. This 50-page workbook looks at the Part 2 test from the examiner’s perspective and is full of advice on how to pass. Updated to the revised Part 2 test (Dec’ 17).
  • Part 3 Instructing Workbook. Amongst lots of other information and exercises, this workbook contains the PDI’s Part 3 training programme. A workbook should be available for examiners to view when PDIs take their Standards Check.
  • Complete ADI Teaching System for the Standards Check. This new, 43-page book provides ADIs and PDIs with the essential information to prepare them to pass their Standards Check. It contains a generic lesson plan and visual aids, complete with trainer notes, for the full DVSA-recommended driving syllabus.

Training Course

The training needed to prepare you to become an effective ADI Trainer is carried out over four days 1:1 or five days 2:1, in-car. The training is essential if you are to develop the skills required to train the trainers.

Courses concentrate on how to teach instructor skills and techniques and how to run effective sessions at the novice/part-trained and trained/FLH levels.


The cost to you for the ADI Trainer Handbook, Training Support Pack (not for reproduction) and 4/5 days training is £1295 (1:1) and £795 (2:1). After completing the course, Training Support Packs for each of your trainees, cost from £114.50 including post and packaging.

The Phil Hirst ADI Train the Trainer course is excellent value, will prepare you properly to train ADIs and provides a great business opportunity.

For more information or to book a course, please contact Phil Hirst on: 07711 238555 or email

Course Objectives

On successful completion of the course you will be able to:

  • Deliver practical training and evaluate home study performance for Part one students
  • Deliver training for Part two candidates and prepare them fully for their advanced driving test
  • Run and manage instructional (Part three) training sessions and:
    1. Teach the skills of driver training to PDIs
    2. Play a suitable role for pupils at various ability levels
    3. Play driver faults in a systematic way
    4. Prepare PDIs fully for the Part 3 test
  • Offer advice and practical assistance to ADIs requiring Standards Check training.
  • Book an ORDIT inspection in the safe knowledge that you will have the training records and practical skills to pass the inspection.

Course information

Vehicle: Phil will provide the car, fuel and insurance relating to this course and will collect you from your accommodation.

Refreshments: There are two breaks each day when refreshments can be purchased.

Fees: To confirm a course booking, a deposit of £250 is payable to “P. Hirst”

Bank details: Provided on request

Customer Reviews

I have had the privilege to be able to help hundreds of learner drivers and potential and qualified driving instructors over the years. The hard work and dedication they have shown in pursuit of their goals never fails to amaze me.

To all my previous clients, a massive thank you for investing emotionally, mentally, physically and financially with me to help you achieve your dream.

Here is a small selection of customer reviews I have received more recently:

Ten years ago today I passed my part 3 ADI exam, the years have flown by.

Thanks to the brilliant training from Phil Hirst on the Train the Trainer course last week, I am now ready to embark on the next 10 years training driving instructors as well as learner drivers.

Phil is so relaxed with his teaching methods, that I didn’t realise how hard I was being worked till the Wednesday evening. I needed a nap for an hour before Dinner. I have learnt so many new skills and techniques to put into practice, not just for use with training Driving Instructors but also with my learner drivers.

I thoroughly enjoyed my week in Harrogate, in the company of Phil. I would highly recommend it.

Thank you Phil for your patience and expertise, great value. Not forgetting you also got me to the airport on time for my flight, for a very important appointment. (Daughter’s wedding).

Best wishes Stuart

Stuart Falconer
5 years ago

Having read reviews of Phil's 'Train the Trainer' course, and keen to enhance my own development, I booked myself in on a four day 1:1 course.

With the course now complete I can see why it's so popular. Phil makes you at ease from the outset and outlines what will be covered over the duration of the course.

Each step is explained at your pace and you are guided through the course material, with any questions clearly answered, using his wealth of experience in the industry. By the end I was even enjoying the role play.

I now feel confident that I will be able to go out and train my own PDIs if I want to develop my own multi-car school, or help others qualify to join the industry. But that's not all, I can also use some of the techniques with my learners too.

If I want any further training to refresh these skills I'll be straight on the phone to Phil to see when he can fit me back in.

I would have no hesitation in recommending the course. Just remember they do get booked up and you need to plan ahead, 8 months in my case!

Peter Bellamy
8 years ago

Hi My name is Andy Stosik. I am ADI and owner of the small driving school operating in London and Essex. My problem is recruitment of the new instructors, which throughout last two years was a very difficult task. At some point I came to the conclusion that signing up on ADI train the trainer course with Phil Hirst will be the right decision.

I took a 4 day course on 1 to 1 basis. The course is extremely well structured and covering all aspects which future trainer needs to know.
At the start there is a lot to take, but Phil put me at ease and
I enjoyed every minute of it.
Mixture of different practical exercises and theory gave me a very good look into, how ADI Trainer job looks like.

Phil is one of the leading Trainers across the country and I am very happy that I could benefit from his expertise in this field.

Apart from that he is very friendly and gave me all support which I needed throughout this course, so that I could benefit the most from it.

I can recommend Phil's courses with full confidence to any ADI, who is considering to become an ADI Trainer.

Money well spent and 4 hours journey to Harrogate wasn't an issue.

Thank you Phil

Andy Stosik
8 years ago

I have just returned from a four day visit to Phil Hirst, having attended his 'Train The Trainer Course'.

What an absolute pleasure it was to meet Phil. I'd heard lots of good things about this guy and I'm not exaggerating when I say it's fully justified! Having first met Phil at The Driving Instructor Show earlier this year, I was adamant I was attending this course and wasn't too put off by the wait. Phil's very much in demand in it's easy to see why!

It would be much easier to talk about what this course doesn't cover because off the top of my head, I can't think of anything! If you're interested in becoming an Instructor Trainer and need some structure and endless advice on how to do it well, you will be hard pressed to find anything to beat this course! It covers the lot, from how to market yourself, making initial contact with PDI's, right through to the essential qualities to being a good Instructor Trainer.

Although this was a four day course, the time seemed to fly by which was odd, bearing in mind the amount of content being covered. This is mainly down to Phil's affable personality. It was an absolute pleasure to be in his company.

I've come away from this course with so much additional knowledge and can't wait to get cracking. I would have no hesitation in recommending this course to anyone considering dipping their toe into delivering Driving Instructor Training. You won't be disappointed!

Jon Shaw-Nottingham
6 years ago

I would like to thank you Phil for the excellent course i attended in june,It was a long way to come from cornwall, but your course was worth every penny and every mile travelled,It was extremely well presented,well organized and informative,i was put at ease from the very first day by Phil`s relaxed and positive teaching style,I look forward to returning for a refresher course next year. Thanks again Phil, Regards Stuart Holloway

Stuart Holloway
9 years ago

Just wanted to say a big thanks Phil for the last four days on the Train the Trainer course (ORDIT). It has been fantastic, tiring, but buzzing, and has further ignited the passion for what I’m doing. This is an absolute must for anyone like me, who has become an independent school and is looking to train budding instructors and develop their school. So well structured, hugely informative, personally challenging and certainly sending this owner home with a fire in his belly to coach and instruct at the highest level.

I now know what it takes to become an ADI Trainer and give my PDIs the best chance to succeed in the industry and teach their students in the best fashion possible. Not only this, but Phil was genuinely supportive and a great sounding board on how to grow my school. This is an absolute must! Thanks Phil

Jeremy Neaves
Driving Instructor & Owner,
4 years ago

i did the train the trainer course with Phil a couple of years ago. Phil's training is very structured and backed up with the training books that he has written.I am now training my own instructors and am growing my business. I also do regular top up training to keep my skills up to date. Thanks Phil

Paul Bentley
5 years ago