Jen Addison

I met Danny before deciding to start the training to become a driving instructor and we talked through the options and what could be achieved once qualified. I felt no pressure from Danny about whether to go through with the training, but he went through all the questions I had about it to make sure I was making the right decision for myself. Once training started, I was provided with all the resources I needed to work through the theory side. I was able to work through this at my own pace and Danny was available to discuss anything I needed further information on. Danny's feedback was constructive and positive when doing the in-car training. I had picked up some bad habits myself since I started driving over 10 years before so appreciated the tips he gave me to get back into the better habits of driving and I was able to pass my part two test first time with only two faults. When doing the final stage of instructor training Danny made sure we both knew the plan of each lesson and what and how we were both going to tackle the topic to ensure I fully understood what was expected of me once qualified. Danny made sessions fun and interesting. He supported me through every step, I'll be honest, it is a difficult qualification and at times I thought I was not made for it, but he made me see that I could do well and brought out my best. I never felt like anything was too much trouble and never feared asking a "stupid" question. I qualified relatively quickly and have not looked back. This qualification has enabled me to work my own hours, have the flexibility to have more time with my dogs and husband and the pay is good too. I really enjoy teaching people to drive as it makes such a difference to them. I now work with LDUK and enjoy my independence whilst having the backing and support of the LDUK team.