Part One Online Study Course

Approved Driving Instructor Part One Study Course


Welcome to the Approved Driving Instructor Part One Study Course (e-Learning). The course is designed to help Potential Driving Instructors (PDIs) prepare for the multi-choice question element of the ADI Part One Test.

Course materials

This systematic and structured home study course has been available in book form (and still is) for over twenty years. The e-Learning version is simpler to use and the assessment tests are more user-friendly too. The DVSA-recommended books which complement the course are:

  • Driving the essential skills
  • The Official Highway Code
  • Know Your Traffic Signs
  • The Official Guide to Learning to Drive
  • The Driving Instructor’s Handbook
  • Practical Teaching Skills for Driving Instructors

In addition, the Focus Multimedia Driving Test Success All Tests DVD provides theory test revision questions and sample hazard perception clips. All the above materials are available by clicking on Shop.

Starting the course

Approved Driving Instructors are expected to have a broader, deeper knowledge and understanding of driving and teaching-related matters than their student drivers.

As you progress through the course, you will be reading short sections of the course books before attempting a quiz to test your knowledge retention.

The course is divided in to nine learning units. Read the topics you will cover and the learning objectives at the start of each learning unit.

Work through the directed study activities in each unit, in turn, from one to nine. Then complete the relevant self-assessment quiz to test your knowledge retention.

How long should it take to complete the course?

If studying part-time, aim to complete at least one unit per week. If studying full-time, you can proceed at a faster pace suitable to your needs and targets.

Take your time with the reading elements of your home study. Once the reading has been completed, attempt the quiz.

Note the questions you answered incorrectly and return to the books to research why this occurred.

Once you have completed all nine Units, complete the 100 question mock test.

Good luck with your studies.

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