Training Resources

Training materials, to be of any worth, must support students in pursuit of their goals. They should be accurate and up-to-date, allow for reflection and record-keeping and be a valuable source of knowledge and inspiration.

The Part One Study Guide

The Part One Study Guide is a complete home study course for the theory element of the ADI qualifying exam. Six DVSA-recommended books complement the Guide. The Guide helps PDIs prepare thoroughly for their part one test by:

  • Providing a structured and systematic distance-learning course
  • Including over five hundred multi-choice questions drawn from the recommended reading books
  • Recommending that PDIs carry out the 6-hour, practical training programme with their trainer to help bring the theory to life

With the exception of the 6-hours practical training, PDIs do not necessarily need advice and support from an ADI trainer to complete the home study course successfully. It can be done independently.

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The Six DVSA-recommended books which complement the guide are:

  • Driving the Essential Skills
  • The Highway Code
  • Know Your Traffic Signs
  • The Official DVSA Guide to Learning to Drive
  • Practical Teaching Skills for Driving Instructors
  • The Driving Instructor’s Handbook
  • Also provided, to assist with the hazard perception part of the test, is the Driving Test Success – All Tests DVD

The books and DVD are priced at £65.00. The Study Guide, books and DVD are priced at £100.00

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The Part Two Driving Workbook

The Part Two Driving Workbook offers a unique insight into the requirements of, and the standards needed, to pass the DVSA’s part two advanced driving test. The book explains each criteria of the Driving Test report form (DL 25) from the examiner’s stand point. The 60-page Workbook also contains:

  • Private practice record forms for use by PDIs
  • Training record forms for use by ADI trainers
  • Show me/tell me questions
  • A structured 12-hour driver training programme
  • Lesson appointments form
  • Driving Test report form

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The Part Three Instructing Workbook

The Part Three Instructing Workbook is now fully aligned with the requirements of the part three Standards Check. It is an essential resource for potential driving instructors (PDIs) and their trainers. The contents include:

  • A recommended 40-hour training programme complying fully with the National Standards for Driver and Rider Training (NSDRT)
  • Detailed advice on meeting the standards of the seventeen criteria on the Standards Check report form (SC 1)
  • Training exercises to assist PDIs with their private practice
  • Training record forms for use by ADI trainers
  • Reflective logs for use by PDIs
  • Background notes on various underpinning documents with which PDIs must be familiar

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The Complete ADI Teaching System for the Standards Check (ATS)

This full-colour, A4, wire-bound and laminated visual presenter covers the full driving syllabus from cockpit drill to smart motorways. Linked directly to the lesson themes on the Standards Check report form (SC 1), instructors can follow a structured, progressive teaching syllabus when educating their student drivers.

There are eight sections to the 45-page presenter, as follows:

  • Controls/Moving off and Stopping
  • Junctions
  • Town and City Driving
  • Interacting with Other Road Users
  • Independent driving
  • Rural Roads
  • Manoeuvre Exercises
  • Dual Carriageways and Motorways

A blank “Sketch Pad” page concludes the presenter. It allows for felt marker diagrams by the instructor.

For sample diagrams, see below.

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The ADI Trainer Handbook

This Handbook gives advice on all aspects of operating successfully as a trainer of driving instructors. My 25 years of experience building and operating my instructor training business are encapsulated here. The sections of the book are:

  • Becoming an Effective ADI Trainer
  • Building a Driving School
  • Adopting a Client-centred Approach
  • The ADI Qualifying Tests
  • ADI Training Programme – Parts One, Two and Three
  • The ADI Trainer’s Role – Part Three
  • About ORDIT

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