Tim Sutton

Director Instructor Trainer

As senior leader in large retail operations, I know just how important personal development is, as it’s the cornerstone of succession planning in any business. As such, a large part of my career has been in helping others to perform to their best possible ability and it is this passion for coaching that brought me into the driving instructor world.

I really enjoy helping to train new pupils in being safe and confident drivers. Afterall, most people only ever take tuition once in their driving careers, so its so very important that they get the best possible help from the beginning.

I trained with Phil, where he introduced me to the Train the Trainer programme, which has been really rewarding. I absolutely love to support potential driving instructors, on what can be a lonely and hugely challenging journey.

Ensuring that trainers fully understand what`s needed in a practical and easy way, is what I strive to deliver while also supporting their understanding around the competencies needed for success in the Parts 2 and 3 exams.