Peter Bellamy

Having read reviews of Phil's 'Train the Trainer' course, and keen to enhance my own development, I booked myself in on a four day 1:1 course. With the course now complete I can see why it's so popular. Phil makes you at ease from the outset and outlines what will be covered over the duration of the course. Each step is explained at your pace and you are guided through the course material, with any questions clearly answered, using his wealth of experience in the industry. By the end I was even enjoying the role play. I now feel confident that I will be able to go out and train my own PDIs if I want to develop my own multi-car school, or help others qualify to join the industry. But that's not all, I can also use some of the techniques with my learners too. If I want any further training to refresh these skills I'll be straight on the phone to Phil to see when he can fit me back in. I would have no hesitation in recommending the course. Just remember they do get booked up and you need to plan ahead, 8 months in my case!