Jedidiah Benaviharuchot

Alyth, Scotland
I experienced a very challenging but rewarding four days of instructor training with Phil and highly recommend the experience for anyone considering developing as an ADI. The content and timetable was very structured and clearly and intelligently presented. I found this is an easy way for me to learn and reinforce new and familiar material. After the second day, I found that I needed to 'press through' the challenge that I needed to 'up my game' in my instructing and sensed a 'wobble' in my emotions and outlook of the training. That evening, I realised this was why I was doing the course: to be developed and gain new skills. Phil was very supportive throughout and particularly at this point. Indeed, the whole syllabus was tailored and delivered around my self-learning and with consideration to my pace of understanding. Every question I asked was fully answered and I was able to repeat practices as often as I thought I needed to. Phil was very engaging and approachable, professional, knowledgeable, and very experienced. Feeling I benefited to the extent that I left the course inspired and encouraged, I have planned to attend further development. I also plan to use the driving school business development that Phil's wife (Helen) provides.