Andy Stosik

Hi My name is Andy Stosik. I am ADI and owner of the small driving school operating in London and Essex. My problem is recruitment of the new instructors, which throughout last two years was a very difficult task. At some point I came to the conclusion that signing up on ADI train the trainer course with Phil Hirst will be the right decision. I took a 4 day course on 1 to 1 basis. The course is extremely well structured and covering all aspects which future trainer needs to know. At the start there is a lot to take, but Phil put me at ease and I enjoyed every minute of it. Mixture of different practical exercises and theory gave me a very good look into, how ADI Trainer job looks like. Phil is one of the leading Trainers across the country and I am very happy that I could benefit from his expertise in this field. Apart from that he is very friendly and gave me all support which I needed throughout this course, so that I could benefit the most from it. I can recommend Phil's courses with full confidence to any ADI, who is considering to become an ADI Trainer. Money well spent and 4 hours journey to Harrogate wasn't an issue. Thank you Phil